A Head Start for Mobile App Projects

On Day 1 accelerate to Month 2

GTM (Go to market) timeline reduced by 20%

Accelerate your Mobile app architecture, features, and developer processes with our scalable, enterprise-grade best practices.

What is FTS Start?

FTS Start is Furation's foundational app and code generator that creates a unique customized codebase with all of the functionality every app needs to launch and scale successfully combined with our expert design, development & consulting services.


Scalable Apps, Faster

scalable app

Accelerated Timeline

Fast-forward the app development process to implement features and UI immediately.

scalable app

Scalable Architecture

Establishing a strong foundation for your application with a layered architecture based on best practices. This supports multiple application configurations and the codebase is designed to be safe and reliable, with null safety in mind.

scalable app

Fully Tested Code

Tried and tested code from the beginning that has been validated an successfully deployed in multiple apps.

scalable app

Baked-in Automation

Includes CI/CD scripts for workflow automation using Github Actions and Codemagic.

scalable app

Firebase* Out-of-the-Box

Pre-configured for Firebase and Google Cloud resources, including crash reporting, analytics, push notifications, in-app messaging, Firestore, and more. *Also configurable to other backend services.

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Enterprise-Grade Features

Includes common features that scalable apps need, including authentication, logging, localization/internationalization, kill switch, force upgrade, and more.

Two Frameworks to Start

FTS Start

  • Unique, customised codebase
  • All of the above features in the first commit
  • Custom app icons and branding
  • Ideal for teams looking to accelerate their development process

FTS Core

  • Opinionated starter app template
  • Extended Flutter counter app
  • Basic feature set
  • Great for a single developer

Coming Soon

FTS StartFTS Core
Latest stable Flutter versioncheckmarkcheckmark
Null Safetycheckmarkcheckmark
Layered Architecture with Bloccheckmarkcheckmark
Build Flavorscheckmarkcheckmark
Custom Splash Screencheckmark
Custom App Iconscheckmark
Secure Storage (Keystore / Keychain)checkmark
Automation & Maintenance
GitHub Actions Workflowscheckmarkcheckmark
Comprehensive Unit Testscheckmarkcheckmark
Comprehensive Widget Testscheckmarkcheckmark
CI/CD with Codemagic*checkmark
Force Upgradecheckmark
Down for Maintenance (Kill Switch)checkmark
In-App Review Supportcheckmark
User Management
Google Sign In Integrationcheckmark
Login with Apple Sign Incheckmark
Login with Email & Passwordcheckmark
Create Account with Email & Passwordcheckmark
Permissions Integrationcheckmark
Form Validationcheckmark
Analytics & Backend
Firebase Analytics Integrationcheckmark
Firestore Integrationcheckmark
Crash Reporting (Crashlytics)checkmark

Built with ❤️ by Tech Solutions

We built this FTS Start and the FTS CLI based on our extensive experience building scalable production mobile app applications for startups, SMEs and Enterprises by providing them a head-start from the very beginning

As our team grew, it became crucial to ensure each new project was developed with consistent, reliable best practices designed with enterprise-grade scalability.

It’s also more fun to start building the parts of an app that make it unique right away, compared to spending weeks setting up the invisible parts that all apps need to scale.

We built FTS Start as a commitment to our best practices, and we are bringing it to the world!

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