How We Work?

In today's fast-paced world, staying ahead of the curve with technology is one of the biggest challenge for any company / business.

But it can be overwhelming to know where to even begin with Digitization / Automation / Cloud Adoption / Custom Software Development.

This is where our unique approach come in.

We offer a free, 1-hour consultation to help you navigate your digitization journey.

During this call, we will :

Discuss your specific business goals and challenges.

Analyze your current technology landscape and identify potential opportunities.

Provide insights and recommendations tailored to your unique needs.

Outline a potential roadmap for successful digitization.

This no-obligation consultation is a valuable opportunity for you to gain valuable insights and develop a clear direction for your digitization efforts.

Book 1-Hour FREE Consultation Call

What is the Next Step? What after this call?

If you find us Valuable & Capable Partner for your digitisation needs then we can offer you "Digital Transformation Kickstart" package which will provide you with a clear roadmap for your software development, this will be tailor-made for your specific business needs.

Low Risk
High Value
Low Investment

*Approx. 5% of total project budget

Did you know?

Objective Failure

Up to 72% of software projects fail to fully achieve their original objectives or intended purpose.

A significant 57% of project failures are due to communication breakdowns.

Around 37% of IT projects fail due to a lack of involvement from senior management.

Key Takeaway: Clearly defining and aligning project goals with business objectives is crucial for success.

Timeline Failure

40-50% of projects miss their deadlines, leading to delays and cost overruns.

21% of projects experience significant schedule overrun.

Approximately 32% of IT project failures result from inadequate time management practices.

Key Takeaway: Implementing effective project management methodologies and realistic timelines is essential for on-time delivery.

Budget Failure

Nearly 49% of software projects face budget overruns.

33% of projects experience significant cost overruns.

41% of projects encounter substantial budget overruns, contributing to financial challenges and project setbacks.

Key Takeaway: Accurate cost estimation, budget control, and managing scope creep are vital for staying within budget.

Change Request Overload

45% of projects suffer from excessive change requests (CRs), causing rework and hindering progress.

37% of projects experience significant scope changes.

42% face project scope changes, causing delays and complexities.

Key Takeaway: Smooth change requires clear requirements, strong change management, and managing stakeholder expectations.

Combined Failure Rate

A staggering 84% of projects experience at least one major failure (objective, timeline, budget, or scope)

About 14% of IT projects fail completely.

How our "Digital Transformation Kickstart" package helps mitigate above mentioned risks of Software Development by:

Focusing on clear goal definition and alignment

Creating a roadmap for efficient project execution (which includes Mindmap, Wireframes, UI/UX & SRS), visualizing your project before development begins. With help of these artifacts you can -

Secure buy-in from all stakeholders

Avoid costly development mistakes

Save time and resources in the long run

And, Attract investors (if applicable) with a clear vision

Providing accurate time & cost estimates

Ensuring transparency and preparedness

Implementing effective change management processes

This bespoke “Digital Transformation Kickstart” package is a Low-Risk, High-Value solution tailored to your business needs.
This way, you get a valuable blueprint for your software without the upfront investment in full development. It's the perfect way to reduce risk, save time, and ensure your software development is a success.
Book 1-Hour FREE Consultation Call

Let's explore how we can create WOW for you!

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